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Filing a Civil Claim

By harperbeck / September 15, 2016 0 Comments
A lot of people who are looking for a Denver or Boulder civil trial attorney have questions about how to pursue a civil claim, and recovering compensation for injuries in a civil matter. Many people read about civil suits in the newspaper, and hear about the compensation that people recover, but the media often does […] Read More

Understanding Compensation

By harperbeck / September 14, 2016 0 Comments
If you have suffered damages in an accident, and you are interested in filing a claim against the person or organization that is responsible for your injury, there is some basic knowledge that you should have about filing a claim in the civil justice system. If you have been harmed by the negligence of someone […] Read More

Patient, Intelligent, and Very Capable

Debbie persevered for years to resolve my claim and have my medical expenses paid and a modest sum paid to me after a serious fall in snow and ice that never should have been in the handicapped crossing. To save money, the property owners did not think it necessary to have the walks in front of their building shoveled. Debbie and her staff were outstanding and it was my lucky day, I knew, during my first appointment with her.

Fights for the Right Result

If you're searching for a lawyer. Stop. You've found the perfect one. Debbie makes sure that your voice is heard and fights for the right result. Amazing.... That's an understated description of this wonderful, bad ass lawyer.

Top Notch Legal Representation

Thank you Debbie for your top notch legal representation! My case was very complicated and you over came all obstacles that were in our way. You came highly recommended to me and now I want to highly recommend you to anyone who needs legal representation. You and your staff are the best! Thanks again!